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What is MusicFinderView?

MusicFinderView is a PC editor for Music Finder (*.mfd) files.
With it you can create, edit, display, rearrange, sort, and print Music Finder records. Music Finder files are keyboard specific, but with MusicFinderView you convert files from one instrument to another, for example, convert a Tyros mfd database for use on a PSR3000.

MusicFinderView main screen

Supported usage

MusicFinderView runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10 (32bit and 64bit) using 1024 X 768 and better screen resolution.
It provides support for

  • Tyros 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
  • CVP-203 / 204 / 205 / 206 / 207 / 208 / 209 / 210 / 303 / 305 / 307 / 409 / 505 / 605 / 609
  • PSR-1000 / 1100 / 1500 / 2000 / 2100 / 3000
  • PSR-S670 / S700 / S710 / S750 / S770 / S900 / S910 / S950 / S970 / S975
  • PSR-SX600 (*)/ SX700 (*) / SX900 (*)
  • GENOS (*)

The newest keyboard models (marked with *) do no more have a Music Finder, they use playlists instead.
These keyboards will automatically converted music finder files to playlists. For this MusicFinderView can be used to convert/prepare the music finder file from the older keyboard, before importing it into the new keyboard.


  • Display, edit, add and delete music finder data records from music finder files.
  • The listing can be rearranged, sorted, printed or saved as a tab delimited text file for use with spreadsheet, word processing or database programs.
  • The program supports searching the music finder file for records with full or partial matches of Music, Genre or Keyword text.
    Records identified via a search operation, or records that have been manually selected, can be transferred to a PlayList window where the order can be changed, columns rearranged or sorted, comments added and the list printed or saved as a text delimited file.
  • Convert music finder files from one instrument to another.
    For example, you can make a PSR-3000 file from a Tyros 2 file.
    Edit and Replace functions may be used to select styles which exist in the target instrument.
  • You can create customized music finder files by saving only records that have been identified via a search operation or manual selection. This is useful for generating databases based upon musical tastes, or for use in live performance situations.
  • Process records that reference style, midi, or audio files that reside on storage media (Tyros 4 & 5: USB, HD; PSR-S950 & S750 & PSR-S901 & S710: USB).
    This includes display, editing, and generation of a missing file listing.
  • Operate on NetCommon files (i.e. files obtained from the Internet Direct Connection) and convert them to specific instrument files.
  • Use a selected entry to setup your instrument with the Tempo, Preset Style, Starting Section and Subsequent Section directly from your PC.

Installation instructions

  • Use Start/Control Panel/Uninstall and remove all exiting versions of MusicFinderView prior to version 3.1.3.
  • Unzip the downloaded file to an empty folder.
  • Right click on Setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator".
  • Follow the instructions.


  • 20.10.22      V 3.2.0
    • Added "PSR-SX600", "PSR-SX700", "PSR-SX900", "GENOS".
    • Added "Set all" functions corresponding to the "Clear all" functions and added "all" so some items.
    • Dialog "Edit Items \ Add" is now filled with the data of the current selected line. This makes it easier to copy items.
    • Tempo values are now displayed without leading zeros.
    • Column width is now adjusted if flags are set to "Yes".
    • Initial directories for open, save, import and export dialogs are now stored and initialized.
    • Renamed context menu entry "Set Favorite" to "Toggle Favorite", and also the other two.
    • Changed color of some edit fields in modify and replace dialog from grey to white.
    • Removed warning box at startup.
    • Fixed: Error happened when "Clear Fav" was executed and no line has been seleced before.
    • Fixed some "reset bit" functions.
    • Some minor fixes.
  • 17.12.21      V 3.1.5
    • Added "PSR-S670".
    • Added menu item "File \ New" for easy opening of blank files.
    • Fixed missing functions for some menu items.
    • Enhanced style replacement handling when converting to a new instrument.
    • Various changes in data files.
    • Renamed Blank_PSR-700.mfd -> Blank_PSR-S700.mfd.
    • Some minor fixes.
  • 26.09.21      V 3.1.4
    • Added "PSR-S975".
    • Program runs now without administrator rights.
    • Default for "Allow user or unknown styles" changed to true.
    • Style mapping between instruments is now based on style numbers not on style names.
    • Added support for comments in data files.
    • Various changes in data files.
    • Renamed Blank_PSR_S710.mfd -> Blank_PSR-S710.mfd.
    • Some minor fixes.
  • 08.07.21      V 3.1.3
    • Latest version from Michael P. Bedesem with a new installer.

This program has been written by Michael P. Bedesem.
With the creation of the installer package for version 3.1.3 I took over this project.
Any comments, suggestions or problem reports would be most welcome.
Please direct them to me by

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Any comments, suggestions or problem reports would be most welcome.
Feel free to sign my guestbook or send me an


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2 Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
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