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Style Files - Description
Modern YAMAHA1 keyboards provide sophisticated accompaniment functions. Especially the capability to use additional styles loaded into the keyboard, or even to create new styles.

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding these styles. But this information is widely spread and difficult to find, especially for beginners.

Together with Michael P. Bedesem I wrote a document that tries to summarize all this information to provide an easy entry point for beginners as well as a reference for advanced style creators or software programmers. The document focuses on the technical details of styles. It does not cover the musical aspects for creating styles.

The authors of this document are not affiliated with Yamaha in any way, and Yamaha has not specifically approved the inclusion any of the information therein. The information presented has assembled from material posted by others on the internet, or discovered through private experimentation; no representation is made regarding its accuracy or completeness.

New updated version now covering the SFF2 file format.

Download:     "Style Files - Introduction and Details"   (PDF)  Version 2.1    (Size: 302 KB)

If you have any comments or want to contribute additional information to the document feel free to contact the authors.

1 YAMAHA is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation
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